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Jul-04-2014  Began publishing videos for MXPro ... plenty more to come.

Jun-23-2014  Something fun!  A question was answered in the MXPro forum covering large integers.  Large Integers are something I've never needed in an automation project but found them to be absolutely phenomenal in concept.  A dollar bill is .0043 inches thick and 18.4 quintillion of them (2^64 range of unsigned large integers) would be 1,251,909,714,598 (1.2 trillion) miles high (18,446,744,073,709,551,616*.0043/12/5,280).  That beautiful sun of ours is only 92,956,050 (92.9 million) miles away, so it is 13,468 times closer to us than the top of that 1.2 trillion mile stack of dollar bills (1,251,909,714,598/92,956,050). Since light travels at 670,616,629 mph (186,282.397 mps*60*60), it would take 1,867 hours (78 days) to travel the whole stack as opposed to just 8.3 minutes to get to us.  My oh my ... the Large Integer number range is gigantic.

May-30-2014  Macro Express Pro released.

May-19-2014.  Slight change to the PGM Progress Window macro.  Changed a line in the VBScript from  '.Busy' to 'appIE.Busy'



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